Over the past three years the RecOil Project has taken big steps in analyzing and strengthening the used cooking oil (UCO) to biodiesel value chain in six European regions. Now is time to say good bye.

As a conclusion of the Italian pilot projects, the Municipality of Castrolibero and Alessco organized the public event "Drop by drop, from waste to resource" on 28th April 2015. 


Danish company latest offering secures flexible feedstock selection and lower operational costs for biodiesel from waste oils producers. 


On the 22nd April 2015, the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Laboratory of the Technical University of Crete (ReSEL TUC) organised a widely open public event about “Used Cooking Oil recycling – From waste to resource”, at the Conservatory of Fine Arts in Rethymno.

EUBIA hosted the round table Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Chain towards 2030 - Turning Waste into Resource with the support of the RecOil project team. 

ALESSCO has organized, in the City of Castrovillari, some “ waste collection days” titled “IO FACCIO LA DIFFERENZA” (I make the difference) promoted by RecOil project.