In the Danish RecOil project we have developed educational school materials for teaching children about the value in UCO and fat from our kitchens. Convincing Danish adults in the Viborg area where the pilot project takes place has proven difficult. Not as many as hoped have picked up a bucket for collection from the collection points. Targeting the school children is another way of educating people about the advantages of recycling.


For that reason, Agro Business Park in collaboration with a teacher, has developed a pamphlet with information, exercises and experiments for school children from 4th – 6th grade that explains how UCO is a valuable resource. It has been developed in accordance with the national learning targets for the subject Nature and Technologywhich is a science class where teachers are obligated to teach about sustainability and the importance of recycling.


It has been sent out to all schools in Viborg Municipality and is also available for download for teachers all over the country from the national Danish school material database.


Download here the educational material:


 From Oil to Biodiesel - Studient Book  

 From Oil to Biodiesel - Teacher Guide 





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From Oil to Biodiesel - Teacher Guide