Over the past three years the RecOil Project has taken big steps in analyzing and strengthening the used cooking oil (UCO) to biodiesel value chain in six European regions. The partnership has also created an online tool where citizens, policy makers and companies will find clear and useful guidelines on how to implement and optimize a Used Cooking Oil collection system or to improve Biodiesel from UCO production.


At last, RecOil contributed with policy recommendations to overcome the barriers that hinder the development of a European wealthy market for UCO. Now, the RecOil project is almost over, but all the findings and outcomes produced (including the Online Guide) will remain available in the webpage: www.recoilproject.eu


We would like to thank the European Union and the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme for this opportunity and their support. We also thank the persons and partners in our region who contributed and worked with us in getting these results (especially those who collaborated in the implementation of the pilot projects).


Efforts to improve Used Cooking Oil collection and biodiesel use in our regions will continue making use of our experience and what we have learned in RecOil, so this is not an not an end but a point of departure.



The RecOil Partnership.