.APEC provided information about UCO collection and recycling in a stand in the Central Market of Cádiz on Saturday 22nd November 2014. This is part of the actions launched by the Energy Agency of Cádiz, in collaboration with the Environment Department in the Municipality of Cádiz and the collection company Biouniversal SL, aimed to raise citizens’ awareness about UCO recycling and biodiesel use.


More than 300 citizens received an informative brochure about UCO recycling (how and why to do it, benefits, etc.), a practical guide about biodiesel and a domestic container to collect used oil at home. They were also explained that recycling used cooking oil by taking it off to public collecting points is a simple, comfortable and clean gesture with which helps to reduce environmental impacts and the extra costs incurred in clean-up efforts. They also learned about biodiesel from UCO production and the different uses of this fuel.



Source: APEC.