RecOil, an EU initiative supported by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme, aims to increase sustainable biodiesel production and its local market intake by enhancing household used cooking oil collection and transformation.



Working Programme


RecOil assesses the “UCO to biodiesel” chain best practices, through a household survey, the industry expertise, the local authorities’ cooperation, and a review of the legal and market barriers and opportunities. The information gathered will integrate an online decision-making guide: a tool to assist stakeholders in developing an UCO-to-biodiesel supply chain adjusted to local specifications.


Pilot projects in promotion, collection, transformation and commercialization of UCO/biodiesel will be carried out according to the best practices identified. These projects will be living labs helping to validate the feasibility of these good practices but also showcasing and spreading the project’s results in a way that the achievements can be used to promote similar initiatives in other regions and by other entities.







Promotional campaigns and communication tasks will be developed to guarantee stakeholders’ involvement and to increase public interest about UCO recycling, motivating a behavioral change among citizens.



Basic Data


> Full Title of the Project: Promotion of used cooking oil recycling for sustainable biodiesel production.


> Acronym of the Project: RecOil


> Contract Nº: IEE/11/091/SI2.616369


> Duration: 36 months


> Budget: 1.763.013 € (75% UE)



> Partners:           Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida  

 Factor Social  

 Technical University of Crete-Environmental Engineering dpt, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sys. Lab  

 Local Energy Management Agency of Cosenza  

 Energy Management Agency Province of Cádiz  

 Regional Energy Agency for Barreiro, Moita, Montijo and Alcochete  

 ElinBiofuels SA.  

 ETA Florence Renewable Energies  

 Municipality of Castrolibero  

 European Biomass Industry Association  

 Agro Business Park   





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