The Online Guide is intended to provide a web tool to support decision making, in the process of implementing or improving an UCO collection system.  

The meeting has brought together municipalities and the main UCO collection companies in the Province to share their point of view on used cooking oil local management.


The Vice-President of the Provincial Government of Cádiz, Bernardo Villar, the city councilor in charge of Environment Issues in the municipality of Cádiz, Paloma Borndons, and a representative from the UCO collecting company BioUniversal, Jesús Alonso de Caso, presented in a press conference the campaign they will develop together.



APEC provided information about UCO collection and recycling in a stand in the Central Market of Cádiz on Saturday 22nd November 2014. 

Danish RecOil project has developed educational school materials for teaching children about the value in UCO and fat from our kitchens.


The Municipality of Castrolibero(MC) and the ILSAP POWER OILS signed on the 1th of March 2014 a protocol of agreement for the development of a door-to-door collection and recycling system of UCO.