As a conclusion of the Italian pilot projects, the Municipality of Castrolibero and Alessco organized a public event on 28th April 2015. The event was attended by regional and local government officers, including regional councillor Orlandino Greco, the President of the province of Cosenza Mario Occhiuto, the mayor of Castrolibero Giovanni Greco, the President of ALESSCO Giuseppe Funaro, and representatives of neighbouring administrations.


Monica Filice and Carmine Brescia presented the results of the pilot project conducted in Castrolibero and Castrovillari, two municipalities in Calabria, Italy. Prof. Stefano Curcio and Prof. Vincenza Calabrò, University of Calabria, also showed the results of biodiesel production and analysis, discussing the sustainability of biodiesel production using UCO. The latter is a major goal of the Castrolibero pilot project, which has brought to all the families in the territory that UCO is a waste that needs a proper management.


This has also led to supply to a school bus biodiesel produced from waste oil power of households. At the end of the meeting, the Mayor of Castrolibero along with some students has performed a short tour through the streets of Castrolibero, giving evidence that cooked oil can be used to produce biodiesel like fuel of second generation for sustainable mobility.


The mission of Recoil project and, in particular, the UCO waste management has to be continued thanks to the cooperation of all the municipalities involved in the project.





Source: Municipality Castrolibero