The Portuguese municipality of Setúbal improves its Municipal Selective Collection Service with five new large containers for used cooking oil collection that will join to the collection barrels previously placed in schools and Social Entities.



Minimize the risk of clogging the pipes of your house and neighborhood avoiding leaking used cooking oils in the drains or toilets. Simply collect used cooking oils, including olive oil in a plastic bottle (or jug, with capacity up to five litters) with a funnel help and preventing the entry of food scraps, close it and put into the oil container near you.


Since December 2011 residents of Setúbal have at their disposal five larger oil containers that integrate Municipal selective collection of Used Cooking Oil. This new method of collection coexists with the use of barrels, in which the oil is poured, previously ongoing in sixteen schools and Social Entities at the same area. The enlargement of the Municipal is under study and is expected to increase the number of larger oil containers until the end of 2012.


The results of this experience will provide an example to implement more of UCO selective collection systems into the areas covered by RecOil Project.



Source: ENA