On the 23rd of May, S.energia was present at the Bioenergy Technology Exhibition, which ran until May 25 in the Park of Fairs and Exhibitions of Portalegre, conducting a workshop on "Liquid Biofuels Opportunities" through the conversion of used cooked oil (UCO). 

Bioenergia Portugal integrates a Bioenergy Technology Exhibition, whose main objective is the promotion of business opportunities in the national and international market, concerning Bioenergy. Bioenergia Portugal will have several parallel activities, namely an International Bioenergy Congress, sessions, workshops and technical visits, Business Networking and also a space for promotion and divulgation of local and regional gastronomic products.


This workshop was held under Recoil Project, and consisted on a consultation to the managers of municipal and supra-municipal systems of collection and conversion of UCO, and to the general public, in order to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of the various systems UCO collection, market barriers that currently exist, and the profitability of the processing methods of UCO into biodiesel. The event was attended by 28 people, 2 of which on behalf of industries of process and recover  of UCO, namely "Prio Energy" and “Valnor”.





RecOil aims to increase recoil sustainable production of biodiesel and its inclusion in the local market, by increasing the process of collection and conversion of UCO generated domestically. This project began in May 2012 and will run until 2015, with the support and co-financing the program Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE).



Source: S.energia