First RecOil Project presentation in Italian territory was held within the Calabria Expo Energia 2012.




Professionals, experts in energy sector and sustainable development, engineers, architects, industrial technicians, municipalities, companies, craftsmen and citizens coming from different regions of Italy and Europe joined this yearly event celebrated the 12th, 13th and 14th October 2012 at the Industrial Consortium of Rende (Cosenza).


The programme comprehended different presentations and seminars about sustainability, renewable energies, energy efficiency, climate change, etc. ALESSCO - Local Energy Agency of Cosenza presented the RecOil Project to more than 70 attendees, including a large number of municipalities, professionals, energy sector operators, etc.


The Congress was chaired by representatives of European Commission, Calabria Region, Rende Municipality, Province of Cosenza Council, Industrials’ Association, Craftsmen Association, Calabria University and the “Mediterranean Foundation of Engineers”.