This new system, promoted by the municipality and managed by a private company, is integrated by 50 oil containers that provide citizens a proper option for used oil disposal, allowing also a correct UCO management in the city .    




The initiative is the result of an agreement signed in February ’12 among the municipality and Biouniversal, a company specialized on used cooking oil collection and recycling. This company has placed more than 50 oil containers throughout the entire city in a way that the maximum distance between them is 400m, so citizens will find always a container near their home in order to make easier the UCO deposition.  Those are “smart” containers: through a SMS card placed on each container, the company can do a complete on-line monitoring process avoiding travels to check their status and optimizing the collection and transport. This system provides information about the volume of UCO collected in each container (so the truck collects UCO only when container is filled). It also include a warning system that alert about any unexpected security situation like container damages, UCO theft, UCO spill, fire, etc.  


The company, together with the municipality, is also developing a communication and promotional campaign to inform citizens about the necessity of UCO recycling and the operation of the new collection system. That campaign includes presentations in schools, distribution of leaflets and the supply of a special container and plastic bags upon request to customers for UCO deposition at home. In addition, this initiative has also a social dimension as the 1% of the UCO collected in the city will be donated to a regional NGO to support its projects in developing countries.  



Source: APEC


 Check out the video on a local TV (ES)