RecOil Project was presented in the Province of Cádiz with a launching press conference celebrated the 21st of June in the Provincial Hall (Cádiz).



The event was lead by the vice-president of the Provincial Government, Bernardo Villar, and the responsible of Environmental Issues, Daniel Sánchez, and attended by more than 30 participants, including local SMEs, consumers associations, NGOs, and municipal waste service experts.  


During the presentation, Bernardo Villar pointed out that the participation of the Energy Agency Province of Cádiz in this project endorses a “happy trend”, as demonstrated in previous international projects aimed to achieve a more efficient municipal energy management and an increase of renewable energy use. Regarding used cooking oil management, RecOil project means a logical continuation of previous initiatives promoted by the Provincial Government to identify the recycling opportunities for used cooking oils in the Province, as well as the collecting systems installed in few municipalities of the Province and the different initiatives related to UCO recycling set up by private stakeholders.


For its part, Daniel Sánchez hopes that the development of RecOil will motivate a behavior change among citizens in the Province to a more recycling-friendly social perception. He also noted that more than 60% of domestic used oil is poured directly to the drain, causing environmental problems, blockages and odors in the pipes.


The conference included also a brief presentation about RecOil to describe the partnership, identify the target groups and to explain its objective and goals, the foreseen working programme and the expected results.


Source: APEC 


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