Kick off meeting of the RecOil Project took place on 24th and 25th May, 2012, at the Bay House in Setúbal, to promotion of used cooking oil (UCO) recycling for sustainable biodiesel production.




This meeting was attended by all partners involved in the project, among which are entities from six different European Countries and two from Portugal in addition to ENA, coordinator of the project.




The final aim of the RecOil Project is increasing the collection of used cooking oil and its transformation into biodiesel, firstly to minimize the negative impacts of the introduction of oils into drainage systems and otherwise allowing a sustainable production of biodiesel without resorting to energy crops and thus decrease competition between biodiesel production and food production.




The partnership with other national and European aims to implement a set of regions well-balance, join areas with collection and recovery of used cooking oil with other devoid of any collection system, to share knowledge and experience to be as fruitful as possible and with immediate results.




This project aims to collect used cooking oil generated by households domestically, since the major producers of UCO, including the restaurant sector, legally, are already required to send their waste (oil in this case) to an appropriate disposal. Consequently this project seeks to find the appropriate methods for collecting domestic oils, and have field experiences to implement the best practices identified. At the end of this project will be available an interactive on-line tool of decision support to identify the best method of collection and used cooking oil transformation, for new systems or optimize the existing ones.




Source: ENA