The 2nd Vice-President of the Provincial Government of Cádiz, Bernardo Villar, the city councilor in charge of Environment Issues in the municipality of Cádiz, Paloma Borndons, and a representative from the UCO collecting company BioUniversal, Jesús Alonso de Caso, presented in a press conference the campaign they will develop together. The main aim of this action is to support the used cooking oil collection system in the municipality of Cádiz in order to reach bigger citizen participation, improve used cooking oil collection rate and promote the use of biodiesel.


To achieve these goals the campaign includes a set of activities as workshops for neighbors associations and scholars, street events to inform citizens, etc. APEC has produced promotional material to be distributed in these events (a brochure with clear instructions on how and why recycle used oil, a guide with tips about biodiesel, a poster, etc.).


The Campaign is the result of a collaboration agreement boosted by APEC and signed on april ’14 with the municipality of Cádiz and BioUniversal.  







Download here the promotional material:


 Practical Guide: Biodiesel.

 Informative Brochure.