In November of 2013 ENA held in Setúbal an action to launch the communication campaign of RecOil in ENAs’ region. This session involved municipal technicians, teachers, UCO collection and transformation operators encouraging them to participate actively in the project. In this session were distributed fifteen tarps and also UCO leaflets for the schools that showed major interest in the project From the planed actions on communication plan for this region, are already under development the following:


  • Since December of 2013 local buses are operating with RecOil publicity at the back of the bus. It has been a great way to spread the message and raising awareness to the general population;
  • In the beginning of January 2014 ENA launched the “RecOil UCO Route Contest” oriented for schools and also for general population. The reward is a ticket for the Rock in Rio 2014 concert (secondary schools / general population) and a ticket for the Zoo (basic schools);
  • Recoil video is under exhibit in social networks since November 2013 and will be presented in several internal video circuits like in trains and boats; - A radio clip has been created and used on radio stations;
  • Local newspapers are publishing RecOil related articles and publicity;
  • Distribution of leaflets, including on water bill communication letter. Simultaneously with the development of the campaign, the collection system is under optimization to maximize the amount of oil collected and to reduce the theft of oil: - Placing UCO containers in locals with continuous surveillance, good visibility and with relevant public affluence - inside markets, parking lots, shopping centers and public schools;
  • ENA started in November 2013 a “pilot school project” placing an UCO container inside of the secondary school in Setúbal to serve not only the families who bring their children to school but also the citizens of the adjacent neighborhoods. Increasing awareness and engage the school itself in the promotional campaigns;
  • Planning the expansion of UCO collection network for 2014. Good coverage of the entire network of UCO collection in the county in locations with low occurrence of vandalism; - All the collecting vehicles were properly identified as well as the operators allocated to the collection wearing suitable uniforms and equipment easily recognized by the population;
  • The UCO collector and transformation operator installed in every container anti-theft mechanisms and start to set up individual locks on street containers.

The optimization of the collection system in ENAs’ region (municipalities of Palmela, Sesimbra and Setúbal) is under way and the resultsstart to bevisiblefor everyone.




















Source: ENA