The pilot project was presented in a Press Conference held in the Cosenza’s Provincial Palace the 22nd July 2013. The event included the signing of a protocol of agreement between all participant parties: ALESSCO (as RecOil partner), Castrovillari (municipality where the pilot project will be developed), RTS (UCO collection company) and VARAT (UCO processing company).



This pilot project will be carried out within framework of RecOil Project.As part of this project, ALESSCO has participated in it design, and will support and monitor the development of this experience.


The Press Conference was attended by the Provincial Councilor on Energy Policies Mr. Biagio Diana, Domenico Lo Polito, major of Catrovillari, Luigi Rinaldi, President of ALESSCO, Angelo Loiacono, Councillor on Environment of Castrovillari, and the representatives of VARAT and RTS. All of them showed their engagement with the project and a big commitment with a sustainable way to produce biodiesel from used cooking oil.