The Energy Management Agency Province of Cádiz organized a Workshop about Local UCO Management aimed to municipalities and public bodies, held in Cádiz the 21st March 2013. It was attended by 22 experts including local decision makers and technicians. 


The workshop was opened by Bernardo Villar de Lanuza, vice-president of the Provincial Government of Cádiz, and Daniel Sánchez Román, responsible of Environment Issues, who remembered the importance of UCO recycling and gave a brief introduction about the legal status of UCO collection for municipalities.




Three different collection systems currently going on in the Province were presented to attendees by municipal technicians (Cádiz, Chiclana de la Fra. and the county of Campo de Gibraltar). These three good practices showed collection systems with different characteristics and approaches. Attendees could compare between different collection systems, analyze their weaknesses and strong points and start a discussion on practical aspects of collection methods (including legal issues related to service contracting, best places to install collection containers, how to engage householders, traceability of collected UCO, etc.).


 Download here the presentation of this event ()


Source: APEC

Photos: Rocío Hernández