“Cheers to Castrolibero!” is the conclusion of the technical working group between the Mayor Giovanni Greco, the ILSAP POWER OIL and the Recoil staff of Municipality of Castrolibero. The technical committee has had as an argument to question the system of door-to-door collection of UCO inCastrolibero, the impacts of UCO on the environment and the need to work to introduce legislation to regulate the disposal of household UCO. The meeting was focused on the activities of the project Recoil, co-funded by the European Commission between the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE).


From Portugal to Greece around Spain, Italy, Denmark and Belgium "Recoil" indicates the "used of cooking oils for sustainable biodiesel production," to reduce the environmental impact of UCO on water, soil and local sewage system. "A resource from a waste" said the mayor Greco, introducing Recoil as one of the activities for increase sustainable development of the Castrolibero urban area, in continuity with the activities carried out by the previous administration. The municipal administration would like involve all familiesthrough the door-to-door collection of UCO. Thanks to the collaboration with the Ilsap Power Oil, company to work in the collection and recycling UCO, every family in the area will be equipped with an appropriate container in which to pour the UCO with a replacement quarterly.


Collection activities oils will be supported by a team of experts who will engage even a capillary action of dissemination of information through the involvement of local schools. The mayor has accompanied the distribution of the containers with a letter for the citizens to explain how the recycling UCO is important to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. From waste (waste oil feed) you can generate a resource (biodiesel) which reduces emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. "A global action to reduce climate change" is the conclusion of Monica Filice Project Manager of Recoil in Castrolibero.


Source: Municipality of Castrolibero.